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Dead Tree Photography's fine art nature pictures are high quality photographic prints ranging from 8 x 10 to poster-sized images. Our images are guaranteed, as we offer a full refund of the picture price if you are not completely satisfied (please see Photo Ordering Information for details).

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Dead Tree Photography images are ideal as gifts, decorating your home or office, hanging in commercial buildings, and as auction items for fundraisers (discount pricing offered for the last).

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Shared Vision – a family's continuing photographic journey through nature

Nature has drawn us to hike through the woods, sleep under the stars, and sit in solitude. We have been extremely fortunate to visit many of the natural splendors of North America, and had the opportunity to hike the trails and discover what lies beyond the signs marked "scenic overlook." Taking cameras on these hikes has helped us to slow down and enjoy our surroundings, and gain a greater appreciation for the natural beauty around us. Our photography is a way to reunite with nature and, in some small sense, capture the moment and the light.

It is our hope that viewers will appreciate our vision of nature's beauty and emotional power. Our images include both traditional photos as well as images combining nature with man-made objects to show the effect of mankind. We hope that in viewing our online exhibit, the viewer will see what was missed from roadside overlooks, and appreciate images blended to create new landscapes to bring more meaning to our photography. Whether they are our traditional photographs or combined images, the splendor of nature is the foundation upon which our work has been constructed and inspired.

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BOOK: Dead Tree Photography
The photography of Craig, Sara and
Scott de Fasselle
120 pages, full color