About Giclée Printing

Giclée (zhee-klay) is French for a spray or spurt of liquid. Giclée prints are created from high resolution digital files using approved 8- or 12-color printers, specific archival-quality inks, and special canvas, fine art, or photo-base papers. The giclée process provides color accuracy superior to other types of print reproductions.

The archival inks provide greater longevity than lithography or silkscreen prints--up to 200 years of light fastness depending on the materials used. Giclée prints may be found in the finest museums and art galleries.

Limited Edition Prints

Dead Tree Photography Limited Edition Giclée images are printed to order on canvas, and limited to the number stated, plus up to five artist’s proofs (reserved for our family), for each image regardless of size. Therefore, if an edition is 50 pieces, that means no more than 50 giclée prints, excluding our own proofs, will be produced for sale.

The price for any size increases (about $50 on average) for every ten images sold, with the current price shown on the web site. If we fail to update the price, you will get the limited edition print at the price shown on the web site at time of order. We eventually will show a list of nos. sold for each limited edition.

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